My heart beats for medicine. Well, those behind the medicine. Moms, children, babies and people who can be helped with a talent which I believe I have. My journey began at the medical campus of The University of Pretoria, where I studied BCur: Nursing Science. I am registered as a general, psychiatric and community nurse, as well as a midwife. My community service led me to the ICU and I expanded my field of interest and initiated a desire to study MBBCh (Medicine).

I studied MBBCh at The University of the Witwatersrand and during my fourth academic year I fell pregnant with my son. At 22 weeks, I went into labour. The decision to suspend my studies and to focus on my family was not an easy one, but the first vital step as a soon-to-be mother. Since then, I have been blessed with two daughters. Eben, Luah and Zuri are my never-ending source of daily inspiration. Subsequently, I have been working part time as a general nursing sister and a midwife, but my passion has been rekindled in the obstetric unit.

Pregnancy and birth can bombard one with new, exciting and challenging experiences; physically, emotionally and spiritually. This adventure can be daunting at times, but a blessing nevertheless. Every child and every pregnancy is unique. My goal is to nurture and support individuals through their journey of becoming parents. I do this by helping you prepare for the pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks afterwards, by giving you enough information to empower you to make decisions confidently. By creating a safe and trusting environment, parents feel free to ask any question that comes to mind which ensures a most rewarding experience.

Being part of a multi-disciplinary team, I believe every concern or problem should be treated holistically. This includes referral to the appropriate professional if needed.

A first time mother approaches motherhood with trial and error. Sometimes with a little more error than expected. Experience, knowledge and individualised care; where would you find anything like it? Babi – because my heart beats for you.


Sashi Theron

BCur (UP)

PR nr 088 000 0677019