Antenatal Classes

I guide and support individuals through their journey of becoming a parent. An empowered parent can make decisions confidently, which in turns allows for a rewarding childbirth experience.

  • 2 week course

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Class Curriculum:

  • The anatomy and physiology in pregnancy and labour
  • Breastfeeding:

– Anatomy and physiology
– Establishing your baby’s routine – feeding and sleeping
– Breastfeeding diet
– Factors influencing milk production
– Caring of the breasts

  • Problems with breastfeeding
    Breastpumps and the expressing of breastmilk
  • Bottlefeeding
    Different types of formula milk
    How much milk does baby need
  • Postpartum changes: emotionally and physically
    Postnatal depression
  • Stimulation of the baby in utero
  • Parenting skills:

– Bathing of the baby
– Burping techniques
– Changing a nappy
– Baby basics – what you may need
– Care of your newborn

  • Packing of the hospital bag
  • Vaginal delivery:

– Signs of labour and when to go to the hospital
– Stages of labour and delivery
– Breathing techniques
– Apgar scores
– Vitamin K

  • Assimilation of labour
  • Birthing alternatives:

– Induction
– Epidural
– Spinal
– C- Section
– Drugs in labour
– Assisted or instrumental delivery

  • Possible baby complications
    Why do babies cry
    Back to work