Baby Massage (IAIM)

Baby massage classes are an opportunity to learn how to communicate love through touch. It is not only an enjoyable way to encourage bonding, it also has proven health benefits. Touch is as important as food for healthy mental and physical development. Massage provides attentive, pleasurable touch that can promote your baby’s well-being while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs.

  • 5 weeks
  • 60-minute class per week
  • Babies up to 1 year old
  • Stay updated with our class times published on our facebook page.

During the course, you will receive a course manual, massage oil and a laminated card to help you remember the massage routine.


Infant massage promotes bonding through eye contact, skin contact, smiles, soothing sounds and smell. This can reinforce the trust between parent and baby necessary for the relationship for years to come.

Health benefits for baby include:

  • Helps relieve colic, constipation, wind and teething discomfort
  • Helps stimulate all the body’s systems, including immune, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems
  • Helps emotional growth, particularly in the development of security, confidence and independence
  • Helps baby cope with birth trauma
  • Imroves sleeping patterns
  • Increases body awareness and self-esteem
  • Baby learns to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy touch
  • Diminishes anxious behaviour
  • Premature babies gain weight faster, performs better on developmental tasks, acquires mental and motor skills ealier and is more relaxed

Benefits for parents:

  • Helps parents feel more competent and confident in their role
  • Opportunity for closeness and focused time together, for working parents and their babies
  • Increases parents’ ability to help relax child in times of stress
  • Enhances communication and builds mutual respect between parent and baby
  • Enhances the bond between parents and adopted children
  • Allows parents of a baby with special needs to learn more about baby’s unique signals and communication. It also helps baby cope with the stress of disability that she or he may be living with
  • Parents feel secure in their ability to do something positive for and receive positive response from their baby